Most of the time people don’t even know about what they are using and how secure is it? What kind of threats could be faced if this messaging app gets hacked?

In this article we will talk about the new update which was launched by the developers at whatsapp. This time they have given an option to turn off any messages sent with images. It’s pretty good that it’s done in such a way, which makes sense when you hear about the WhatsApp hacker who managed to intercept and open all sorts of files and photos which can only happen after entering the password.

Let us explain some other things first:

What is “Meta”?

So basically, you can’t tell anyone about that whatsapp account’s info because every once a day your chat will be opened up.

Now you might think why the hell would anybody go on Facebook when the same thing can’t be done on whatsapp. Now lets explore how does it work? Does it actually make sense? Whatsapp doesn’t know how to protect itself anymore; it has been hacked several times and you have to manually take down the hacked whatsapp accounts, then it will restart.

Now it’s safe to say, there isn’t way to tell facebook apart. And its really unfortunate that they didn’t do it earlier, they should be doing that before now.

Now lets see a little bit how the above scenario looks: Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger are all blocked. Now I mean, they have added a lot more security features and each company has kept themselves extra secured. But WhatsApp is somehow different. Even though it claims to be end-to-end encrypted, it is still vulnerable at all times. You can see that WhatsApp doesn’t provide any encryption.

So basically, for a long time, WhatsApp hasn’t had anything to protect themselves properly and now, after years of hacking and many attacks on whatsapp, they got even better with this news update. It’s not very obvious but when you see the new features, no wonder whatsapp gets more and more attractive. Its as fast as ever, even if you are not in contact with the person you are chatting or talking to. Your messages are saved in a private encrypted vault without revealing anything until you decide. Now Whatsapp has finally fixed all that mistakes and now they are fully protected. There’s also nothing anyone else can do, just look up whatsapp.

So thats it! Hopefully it helps some of you and don’t let anyone fool you or any other whatsapp hacker, don’t reply with your pics and then complain about being hacked. Whatsapp just changed the whole world and made everyone’s life easier, no wonder everyone loves it. And let us face, how much damage you can do just by sending a message from someone. Trust me! :)