iPhone 14 Pro Predicted to Start With Increased 256GB Storage Alongside Rumored Price Increase


iPhone 14 Pro Predicted to Start With Increased 256GB Storage Alongside Rumored Price Increase

The latest hint from Apple about the new iPhone 13 lineup of smartphones is that it will launch this year with a few additional features than any prior model. According to the most recent report, the upcoming iPhone 14 range should include improved RAM and storage that could bring up the 4GB/8GB version from last year's models. In addition, the reports also said that the iPhone 14 should come in two versions of 128 GB and 256-GB storage sizes. As far as other possible information regarding these upgrades are concerned, there have been no official details shared by the company on the matter. However, the next iPhone 12 range will be available in four variants, i.e., the 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB models. Also, the smartphone could be powered by an A14 Bionic chip. Currently, we are expecting another design of the Apple flagship phone to appear soon in its list of smartphones. So many questions remain unanswered regarding the development of the forthcoming devices. Let us take a close look at all that is expected to be brought by the iPhone 14 series of smartphones.

iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13 (iPhone 13)

According to various sources, the first rumors about the anticipated iPhone 13 models came back in November 2019. While the production schedule for the upcoming iPhones was not revealed, it clearly stated that the same handset would arrive alongside the Galaxy S20 series. At the time when this particular report came out, nothing else has been revealed by Apple itself. Not to forget, Apple's iPhone 12 has been in testing since late 2018. Since the release of iOS 14 was announced in December 2017, many things related to what makes a good smartphone have already been discussed and it can be taken as a reality. Based on the past results, one can expect the newly launched device to resemble most of the Android phones. This is because they both run iOS and support wireless charging. The question that remains unanswered is how the iPhone could adopt or go along the lines of previous models. It is speculated that the iPhone 13 will introduce some enhancements, which could bring about better battery life and more storage. The most likely way it may do so, is through an increase in the memory.

In fact, it could also help in getting the current generation model to work better. You would like to save extra space on your internal hard drive, which could be good for saving space. Thus, the increased memory would allow you to store the data you prefer. Besides, the capacity of 8GB RAM could allow you to transfer more files during video calls and video streaming sessions. Most importantly, with a better camera set up, you can record videos and photos more accurately. That would mean bigger chances of selling the images that you want on online channels and social networking websites. Overall, even though you don't see the difference between this new model and the iPhone 12, we don’t know what is going to be the improvement. Nevertheless, let us hope these models will offer users a better experience or a higher quality picture or video output on their smartphone. So far, the initial pricing for the iPhone 13 has not been announced. Until then, keep reading to learn more!

iPhone 14 Pro Specifications

The iPhone 14 Pro model of the iPhone 12 series of smartphones gets slightly different specifications than those of the upcoming iPhone 13 models. For instance, the model of the iPhone 14 will get 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage. Apart from that, the other major differences among the three models are the cameras on the rear surface. Both the main wide-angle and ultra-wide lenses are present in the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup. Additionally, besides that, there are other minor changes that include color configurations. On the case of the iPhone 14 model, it adopts a matte finish while the iPhone 13 model comes in glass. That allows you to take pictures without smearing.

The iPhone 14 Pro model also features a larger batteries, which helps in providing the user enough power to operate the device. One can expect a larger screen and more powerful chipset of the Mac OS X operating system for the iPhone 14 range. The iPhone 14 series smartphones are expected to launch in early 2020, which means that the prices of the iPhone models might rise within months.