China's claim to drive away the US warship from the disputed waters of the South China Sea

 China's claim to drive away the US warship from the disputed waters of the South China Sea

According to the Reuters news agency, Beijing says that a US warship illegally entered its waters near the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, which it intercepted and returned.  forced

 The US regularly conducts what it calls freedom of navigation operations in the waters of the South China Sea.  According to the US, China and other claimants have blocked movement through this corridor.

 Monday marks six years since the international tribunal's ruling rejected China's claim to the South China Sea.  Three trillion dollars worth of trade is carried out every year through this maritime corridor.  China has never recognized this decision.

 Meanwhile, the US Navy has said that its ship USS Benfold exercised freedom of navigation and freedom rights over the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea under international law.

China says it is not against freedom of navigation or passage, but accuses the US of deliberately creating tensions.

 The People's Liberation Army's Southern Theater Command says the US ship has seriously violated China's sovereignty and integrity by entering territorial waters around the Paracel Islands.  Note that Vietnam and Taiwan also claim territorial boundaries here.

The Chinese military, showing photos of the Benfold ship, said they had been instructed to pursue, monitor, warn and send it back.

On the other hand, the US Navy has said that the Chinese statement is based on lies while "misrepresenting US naval operations and falsely asserting maritime boundaries over Southeast Asian neighbors in the South China Sea."

 He said that the United States defends the right of flying and sea travel wherever countries have the right to fly and sail under international powers and we cannot be stopped by any statement of China.


 During 1974, China took control of the Paracel Islands from the then South Vietnamese government.

 In a separate statement on Wednesday, the US Navy said the Ronald Reagan carrier strike group was also conducting operations in the South China Sea and that it was "as usual".

 It said the group participates in maritime security operations, including flight operations, naval defense exercises and technical cooperation training between air and naval units.

 Note that China claims the entire South China Sea.  While Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei have competing maritime claims here.

 China has also built some artificial islands here that include air bases.  Since then, there has been concern over Beijing's intentions at the regional level