Boris Johnson resigned from the party leadership and will remain prime minister until a new leader is elected

 Boris Johnson resigned from the party leadership and will remain prime minister until a new leader is elected

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Thursday afternoon that he would resign from the Conservative Party leadership and remain in office until a new leader is elected.

 Speaking in front of the Prime Minister's House, 10 Downing Street, he said he was "saddened" to leave the world's best post.

 However, he said that no one in politics is "inevitably equal".

 In recent days, several of his ministers have resigned, expressing distrust of the prime minister.

 Before Boris Johnson's resignation from the party leadership, the deputy chairman of the powerful 1922 Committee of Conservative Party's backbench MPs also joined the voices of his colleagues who demanded Boris Johnson's immediate resignation as Prime Minister.  have been.

 Weldon MP Nusrat Ghani says Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Robb should immediately take over from Boris Johnson for a transitional period.

 Former Prime Minister Dominic Cummings has called on Conservative lawmakers to immediately remove Boris Johnson from his post as caretaker Prime Minister.


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 Opposition Labor leader Carey Starmer also called for the beleagured PM to resign.  He said that being the caretaker Prime Minister would not be fair to the country.

 "They have to go, they can't stick," Starmer said.

 The BBC's political correspondent Ian Watson says the 1922 committee is meeting today to set a timetable for the new leader.

 Some lawmakers are pushing for a shorter election process, giving party members a month to elect a new leader instead of waiting until the fall (October).

 Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to step down as leader of the Conservative Party to deal with a serious political crisis caused by the resignations of successive cabinet ministers.  Had expressed a desire.

 In the meantime, the process of electing a new leader of the party will be decided, after which a new prime minister will be elected in place of Boris Johnson before the Tory party conference in October.

 It should be noted that in the last few days, the pressure on the British Prime Minister to resign was increasing and in this regard, about 50 of his ministers had also resigned expressing their distrust towards him.

 The recent uprising of Boris Johns' party was sparked by a scandal involving British Prime Minister's Deputy Chief Whip Chris Puncher.  People in Boris Johnson's party believe he did not handle the scandal properly.